Family Chronic of the Family Maitz

The family tree so far covers about 1250 persons, who are distributed all over the world.

The surname Maitz originates from the Austrian/ Hungarian border area, the today’s Burgenland and the Styria. The different ways of writing Maitz, Meitz, Meiz, Maicz could be followed up to the 18. Century. The carriers of the name were farmers or agricultural workers. 
The interesting family relations are delightful, however, difficulties occur already after few generations: We are searching for brothers and sisters of Josef Maitz (*1866), son of Anna Meitz (*1837, later Rathkolb) and Josef Trummer. There is also a link to the family Moik/ Moick in Axbach, Paldau, Gnas in Styria. Who can help?

Most exciting for long time was the reseach on the family of the grandmother on the paternal side. Similar to the previous, the name Däubler, partly written as Deibler or Deübler, can be followed to the middle of the 18. Century. The ancestors lived in the Bavarian/ Swabian Ries, at the locations Oettingen, Hochaltingen, Forsthof and Stahlhof. A delightful task was clarifying whether a link to the executioner dynasty of the same name exists, which also was represented in this area. In the meantime this can be excluded1. At Stahlhof there have never been executioners or knackers. Further, our ancestors always are listed as farmers; they were married to families Förg and Jaumann, both no executors. Also godfathers and witnesses always were “honest”. For executioners this was possible only after approx. 1855, when laws of marriage changed.
The members of the Däubler family were farmers, millers, brick and tile makers, backers and restaurant owners2
After the Second World War some members of the family emigrated to Australia and the USA.

The maiden name of the mother (Scherer) originates from the North-Baden Erlenbach close to Osterburken. The name is documented over three further generations. Here the ancestors are well established and work in the agriculture.

The grandmother on the maternal side originates from the families Reinlein and Reuß (Reuss), which already have been for a long time in Lower Franconia, predominantly in the area Kitzingen and Schwarzach. Since 1879 the family is present also in the United States3. Many members of the family have been living in Brazil, Blumenau and Rio Negrinho since the 1920/1930ies.

1: We are grateful for the support and background information provided by Ms. Sabine Scheller from Kempten
2: Franz Leberle from Aumühle and Günter Thürheimer from Harburg provided a lot of information about these common ancestors. Thank you. Information of one Deubler branch further is taken from the Ahnenforschung-Deubler site (now offline).
3: We are grateful for the engaged help of Eileen Oddon for providing the descendants of Markus Reinlein in New York.